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Your subscribers join your email list because they expect you to help them accomplish their goals - but each subscriber has their own set of goals.

Let me give you two examples of why this fact matters:

Example 1:

Let's say you're a coach. Maybe a dating coach...

If your lead magnet gives them dating tips, your subscribers have goals like becoming more confident, getting married, finding the next one-night stand, or learning how to speak with the other gender.

To sell your dating coaching, you have to speak to each goal differently!

Pitching your coaching as a way to get married will only resonate with the small segment of subscribers that actually wants to get married.

Pitching your coaching as a way to become more confident will turn off every subscriber who is confident already.

Example 2:

Let's say you help marketers write better articles on Medium.

If your lead magnet is a set of headlines to write on Medium, only a few subscribers will actually use them for Medium articles. Others will use them for their blog, as email subject lines, or for opening social media posts.

You cannot pitch your coaching to those subscribers who never intended to use your headlines for Medium articles, there's just no product-market fit.

You'll only see results from sales campaigns to the right segment of your email list subscribers.

If you enroll in Supercharge Your Email List, you will know how to sell your products to the right subscribers on your email list.

Not qualifying your email subscribers on their goals and not personalizing your sales campaigns to their goals is the reason you're not making money from your newsletter.

Let me fix that for you and help you supercharge the results you get from your email list.

Supercharge Your Email List is a proven, repeatable system you can use to turn your existing email list into a predictable income source.

By learning how to segment your list effectively, you'll soon be able to write sequences that turn new subscribers into paying customers.

You've got an email list yet are struggling to grow it and earn any revenue with the newsletters you send.

Feeling like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle that successful creators and marketers seem to have figured out?

Truth be told, it's hard to feel motivated to regularly send emails and nurture subscribers when you don't see any financial returns.

I admit I was frustrated too when my email statistics looked like this a few months ago:

Why even bother if so few people open your emails and click on your links?

Not only is this frustrating, but it can also be expensive in time and money if you're not careful.

Yet, when I started to change how I treated email subscribers, I saw the results in time and money improve - and writing newsletters became fun again.

Seeing the financial returns and statistics more than double sparked that fire again that I had when I started building my list.

The deeper I dove into this strategy, the higher the engagement and (financial) returns!

Let me spark that motivation for your list again, and turn it into a scalable revenue source.

Here’s The Secret…

The difference between a dead email list and one you can be proud of and that prints money with every email you send is not how often you email your subscribers.

It is Segmentation.

You’ve probably heard about segmenting your list before.

It seems hard to identify the right segments, set up surveys, and write unique emails for each segment.

What if I told you that there's a way to make this EASY?

If you never thought about segmenting your list because you got more important work to do, I challenge you to revisit that decision.

The hard truth is that you might have set the wrong priorities.

Not segmenting your email list and missing out on highly-targeted automated sequences is the reason you’re not getting clients or selling your products.

Campaigns are doomed to fail if they’re not relevant to the subscribers you’re sending them to.

Why Segmented Email Lists Outperform Yours

We all want high open rates and see money coming into our bank accounts when we send newsletters or sales emails.

Ideally, our email list will do that automatically using automated sequences that just send the right emails to the right subscribers at the right times.

When you set up segments properly, you can build sequences with insanely high click-through-rates and open rates, like this one I just set up:

This is a brand new sequence. When did you have a 47.5% CTR on an automated email?

To turn profits from your email list, you have to know how to influence your email subscribers to buy from you in an ethical way.

Various factors impact their purchasing decision:

  • What problem are they trying to solve?
  • What do they know about your offer and your competitors?
  • Are they ready to buy from you or do they need to get to know you better?
  • Which objections do they have that you need to handle?

As you can tell, just these four things require vastly different messaging in your emails.

If somebody on your list came across your offer for the first time, you need to give them a lot more contextual information compared to somebody who read your emails for the last six months.

Or let's say you're a coach helping entrepreneurs with their sleep schedule...

If somebody signed up for your ebook on evening meditations and somebody else signed up for an ebook with healthy dinner recipes, you need to sell them on your coaching in different ways.

Setting up the right segments lets you do just that - and boost the revenue from your email subscribers.

This Course Will Let You Improve Your Email List Performance With Segmentation

In this course, I'll show you how to revive your dead email list and start getting more clients from your campaigns.

You’ll discover the secrets to creating profitable email sequences that will help you sell your services, digital products, and even affiliate offers with ease.

Plus, segmenting your email campaigns will help you get more opens, and more clicks - and make your emails go to spam less often.

Here's what you'll learn:

Module 1: The 30,000ft overview

  • Identify key criteria to segment your list by.
  • Visualize your list segments and automations
  • Pick high-ROI segments to focus on

Module 2: Nurture new and existing subscribers

  • Onboard new subscribers directly into the right segments
  • How do landing pages and opt-in forms work with segments?
  • Survey existing subscribers easily
  • Run re-engagement campaigns to revive a dead list

Module 3: Increase sales and engagement

  • Sell on autopilot with targeted automations
  • Do you need to write unique emails to each segment?
  • Understand "warm" vs "cold" segments
  • Get more results from your campaigns using these best-practices
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This course helps you get financial results from your email list, even if you never truly nurtured your subscribers.

Create highly-targeted, profitable subscriber segments.
Write campaigns that produce income.
Nurture your subscribers.
Set up predictable systems and effective sequences to nurture subscribers.
Take out the guesswork.
Grow a list and know immediately how to sell to each new subscriber.


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Supercharge Your Email List

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