Get Your First Sponsor

Jan Koch
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This step-by-step course helps you get sponsors for your podcast, virtual summits, or email newsletter.

Sponsorships are a powerful advertising tool for brands and an effective monetization strategy for podcasters and content creators in general.

Get Your First Sponsor explains how sponsorships work and everything you need to know to get your first sponsor.

If you didn't have to pay the bills, all you'd do is create content. That's what I'd do, at least.

I do my best work without worrying about how to cover the bills or where the next paycheck will come from.

You don’t want to have to cold email or cold call to make money - you simply want to record podcasts, write newsletters, or host virtual summits - and get paid well for it.

Once you understand how to work with sponsors that let you create content how you like it, you can feed your kids for the rest of their lives.

You can spend time with them and do things you love as they grow up.

In this course, you'll learn every step you need to take to get sponsors for your podcast, newsletter, or virtual summit. (Hint: it's not difficult)

What if you don't like selling sponsorship packages and just want to create content?

Being a content creator lets you build multiple income streams, and if you’re anything like me, sending sales pitches isn't on your list of favorite things to do.

Luckily for you and me, brands will happily support you financially if you know how to pitch them without actually acting like a salesperson.

Over the past years, I closed well over $150k+ in sponsorships and brand deals. You can do the same following the process taught in this course.

Before closing my first deal, I wondered:

- Why would any company sponsor me if I don't have a great following?
- What packages could I offer?
- How do I build a sponsor deck?
- How much should I charge?
- How can I find the right companies?
- What if the sponsorship doesn't work out?

I knew that I had to answer those questions to make money for myself and set up a system that took the anxiety of selling and pitching out of the equation.

Recently, I had my friend Lee go through this course. He was struggling with getting enough sponsors to cover the expenses for his upcoming event. (He was on track to lose money.)

This course helped him reframe his mindset and repackage his sponsorship packages.

The result was insane. Within a week, Lee closed and collected $6.5k in new deals from brands he hadn’t worked with before.

Eventually, he sold out all sponsorships for his event. I'm so proud of him!

But don't take my word for it... here's what Lee and other students say about this course:

What You'll Learn In "Get Your First Sponsor"

In five modules and a bonus section with templates and examples, you'll learn how to get paid to create exciting content.

You’re getting paid to create content and be creative.

Working with brands you love and placing them in front of your audience, and getting paid for it, combines the best of both worlds.

You’re creating content that helps and entertains your audience by sharing relevant brands with them. And you’re getting paid reliably.

By setting up clear sponsor packages, you know exactly how much you’ll earn next week or next month - and you can supplement your other income streams.

After completing this course, you’ll have a blast and enjoy talking to brands you love to get them to pay you for creating content that helps them get in front of your audience.

Best of all, I’ll show you how to stay independent in your content creation while working with sponsors.

Module 1: Knowing What To Sell

You'll get 20+ ideas for services and benefits you can sell to potential sponsors & that serve your audience.

Module 2: Finding Sponsors

Find the right companies & price your sponsorship packages appealing without undercharging.

Module 3: Pitching & Negotiation

Find the right companies, pitch the right people, have sales conversations, and win the deal.

Module 4: Delivering To Your Sponsors

Work with the sponsors to deliver their perks, communicate effectively & build long-term partnerships.

Module 5: Long-Term Partnerships

Turn one-time collaborations into partnerships that can pay off and grow your audience in the long run.

BONUS: Templates

Use proven templates for outreach, sponsor decks, contracts, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course work for me?
If there are companies who run ads, create content, or sell products to people in your audience, this course can get you in the position to get sponsored and close brand deals. If you take action on what you're learning, you can start pitching brands within a week after enrolling in this course.

How does this course work?
I've been selling sponsorship packages for my events since 2015 and am currently recording the training videos for this course. The course launches on September 9th - until then, I am selling it at a discount for early-bird members. You also get a 1-hour coaching session with me if you enroll before Sep 9th.

I'm just hosting my first virtual event. Can I get sponsorships with this course?
Yes. You can get sponsors for your first-ever virtual event if you follow the strategy taught in this course. After watching the training videos, you'll understand why companies want to sponsor first-time virtual events.

What types of content creators is this course for? 
As long as you have an engaged audience for your email newsletter or podcast or run virtual events, you can get sponsors with the strategy taught in this course. Companies want to be in front of your followers, podcast listeners, or virtual summit attendees.

What problems will this Get Your First Sponsor help me overcome?
If you have no idea why a company would sponsor you or have no strategy on getting a paying sponsor, Get Your First Sponsor is for you. You'll learn how to create sponsor packages, approach the right companies, and sell your packages to them.

Will this course teach me how to sell? 
You will learn how to pitch and sell your sponsorship packages without sleazy sales tactics. However, this is not a full sales training - that would be a way bigger course in itself and dilute the focus on getting sponsors.

How long does it take me to see results after finishing Get Your First Sponsor?
You can finish your sponsorship packages within 1-2 weeks after working through the course. Within 2-3 weeks, you can have the first conversations with sponsors.

How long is the course and what format is it in?
Get Your First Sponsor is less than 2 hours long and is a video course with short, actionable lessons. You will also receive templates for contracts and messages in Google Docs and a website template for Elementor (WordPress).

I want this!

This 2h video course teaches you how to monetize your podcast, newsletter, blog, or events through brand deals.

Understand why brands want to sponsor you, even if you have a tiny following.
Create compelling sponsor packages and win deals without selling.
Build an additional, predictable income stream for your creator business.
Monetize your content without selling out on your audience.


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Get Your First Sponsor

4 ratings
I want this!